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Christian Speaker Joe Prainito
Abandoning Life's Temporal Mask's in Pursuit of an Eternal Identity
We live in a world that feeds our culture with ways to create its own identity with created things, instead of from our creator. Even the church’s identity is being influenced and contaminated by our culture today. Identity is a must read for everyone, from teenagers and up, church leaders, and pastors. You’ll be challenged and blessed! Joe nailed it!
—Jesse Morales, Co-Founder of the iStand Movement, International Youth Evangelist, and Associate Pastor at New Creation Church

We’ve all asked the question, “Who am I and why am I here?” Joe Prainito’s book, Identity, doesn’t answer these questions for us, but engages us to search deep within our hearts to discover what Christ has planned. It helps shed our skin of confusion found in the world and clothe ourselves in the righteousness contained in God’s plan for our lives. The stories are gripping with examples of lives lived in fear and desperation to fit into society. Don’t wait until tomorrow to make a difference, as tomorrow may be too late. Read Identity, and be convicted to discover what God has in store for you.
—Scott McCausey, Host of Internet Radio Show Christian Devotions Speak UP!
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Joe Prainito is a seasoned Christian Speaker who brings encouragement, wisdom, and a quick witted humor to his speaking engagements.

With over 20 years experience in public ministry, and 11 years experience as a Hospice Pastor Joe Prainito understands just how precious and temporal life is, and is not ashamed to speak, teach, and preach the word of God in any venue, doing so with one mission; to encourage the world to "Live Strong" for the Lord, so that the world can "End their life Strong" for the Lord; dying without any regrets.

Joe Prainito holds a Bachelors degree in Theology, and has authored three christian Books: "Living and Dying Without Regret", "Climbing the End of Your Rope", and just released "Identity". Joe is currently on a local book tour. MORE...
Encouraging The World To Live Strong